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Welcome to The Anywhere Office . . . a more flexible way to work!
If you're like most people today, you probably find you are on the go and working from a lot of different locations. You need the power and flexiblity to be able to work where and when you want.
If you'd like to learn how to how work in a more "virtual office" that allows you to be more productive, stay connected to files and email, and collaborate better with your team - this newsletter is for you.
I'm Phil Montero, "The Mobile Man", and I'd like to help you make work outside the office more productive, efficient and convenient — today!
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So whether you work from a home office, a hotel, the airport, a clients site or just about anywhere - I'll help you learn to have the convenience of your office no matter where you are.
Wishing you balance in work, life and technology,

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