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Virtual Team & Virtual Project Management

Turn your ordinary office into The Anywhere Office®

Work with people around the world as if they were across the hall . . .

Business as usual no longer involves working in a traditional workplace at set hours. Today's workforce is more mobile than ever, and every day more people are working from virtual offices, client sites, home offices, coffee shops, airports, hotels, and any number of remote workplaces. Even if it’s not your own teams that are dispersed you are likely working with clients, vendors, consultants, and outsourced departments who are distributed.

Companies that take an ad-hoc approach to this work-style will struggle, while those with a strategic, planned approach will reap the benefit and flexibility of distributed work.

We can help you analyze your organization's workflow and turn your ordinary office into The Anywhere Office®, giving you the ability to work with people around the world as if they were across the hall.

Phil Montero on Cisco's Bizwise TV
"How to Mobilize Your Workforce"

Transitioning to a more virtual work-style doesn’t have to be a huge, monstrous task; it can be achieved through a series of small adjustments. Small adjustments such as learning about a new tool or service, discovering a feature of a program you are already using, establishing a new communication protocol, implementing a new collaboration strategy, or evolving a regular conference call into a virtual meeting. The secret of success is hidden in your daily routine.

Our remote management training and virtual work consulting help you bridge the communication gaps created by geographical separation to engage employees and foster collaboration regardless of location. We can help you choose practical strategies and tools for creating, leading, and sustaining your own dynamic virtual teams.


Work Unchained - Benefits of Workshifting and Virtual Work

Experience the competitive edge of The Anywhere Office®: Download our FREE REPORT
  • Discover key tools for a workshifting program.

  • Learn common mistakes to avoid with mobile work.

  • Assess information, communication and collaboration needs.


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On-demand Webinar

Online Training for Managing Virtual Teams

Online Training for Managing Virtual Teams
The Art of Virtual Leadership

  • Convenient. Bring valuable information right to your desktop available to watch and learn from anytime, anywhere with just the click of a button.

  • Saves Money. Expert training while eliminating the cost of airfare, hotels, restaurant meals, travel time, and incidentals.

  • This on-demand webinar discusses managing virtual teams in details and is something no manager can afford to miss.

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